French is more than a Language, it is an Art of living. This was this year’s French Week theme. Students were excited to design posters that explained how you can add some French in your daily life. Shout out: “Bravo!” and  “Encore!”at the end of a performance. Go to a local café to have a coffee or a hot chocolate ! Take your time to savor your food and not eat in front of a computer or TV!

French Breakfast.jpgAs usual, students arrived on Monday, November 9, they were welcomed by French music, baguette and croissant. They were able to buy a French “petit déjeuner”. They sat under the big oak tree, chatted, ate and drank a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of citron pressé. What a great way to start a Monday.

The French extended “Déjeuner” was a favorite. Eating ‘Boeuf Bourguignon”, “Ratatouille”, “Coq au Vin”, “Quiches” followed by scrumptious desserts while watching the grade 8 perform the Can Can and all the other performances like songs from Les Misérables was a real treat.



After lunch, the grade 8 dressed up in their different characters and visited the classes to talk about their contribution. Inspector Clouseau was very popular and very entertaining. They loved the famous mime Marcel Marceau, Asterix and Obelix, Marie Curie, Blaise Pascale and Marie Antoinette, among the many others.

Another favorite was the Grades 5 and 6 French Fair. The whole school was invited at different times to come and visit the amazing work that these students have completed. The Grade 5 worked on the different symbols of France and the Grade 6 worked on the Regions of France. They organized different games and had all sorts of things to give away like flags of the regions, word search, a coloring in activity, pencils, bleu, blanc, rouge bracelets and book marks.


Fall 2015.jpg-126Thanks to the PCO, we were able to invite the amazing Josée Vachon to come and perform to our students and talk about her life growing up in French speaking Canada.






We finished with “La Bataille des Bistros” and the students enjoy that relay race against the faculty while the whole school is cheering for their favorite team. Les Rouges won. Les Bleus came second. Les Blancs third.

Another successful year celebrating French culture!

Merci! A la Prochaine!