This Year’s French week will be held
Monday, Nov. 13 through Thursday, Nov.16, 2017

Bonjour les amis de BFCCPS!  It is that time of the year to celebrate French language and culture, since we teach French from Kindergarten to Grade 8. We know that students, parents, faculty and teachers look forward to “La Semaine Française.” Vive Le Français!

This year’s theme:  Nos Différences Nous Rassemblent. (Our Differences Unite us.) We will represent the French speaking world and our message will be that we need to look at common goals that we share. To celebrate differences rather than be afraid of them.  We will bring to the community messages of Espoir!(Hope!)Amour!(Love!)Paix! (Peace!)

Monday, Nov.13

  • French Week will open up with a French Market from 7:30 – 9:20 – Every student, parents and faculty will be able to buy a French inspired item, from mini Eiffel towers, erasers, bracelets, decorative items, stickers, T-shirt, books, berets and many fun things. All proceeds will go towards the Quebec trip. Students will be welcomed that morning with French music, flags and everyone is encouraged to dress up in a costume that represents their Francophone Country.
  • Grade 8 will visit classes and will do an activity with them or will read French stories to them.
  • Question du jour et la Marseillaise to start the day. The student council will record the message and everyone will have access to the question of the day and a fun message.
  • Surprise performances / games during lunch.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the day.

Tuesday, Nov.14

  • Question du jour
  • There will be 2 assemblies with the famous  Josée Vachon:

9:20-10:05 Grades 5-8

10:20-11:05 Grades K-4

Wednesday, November 15

  • Question du jour
  • Grade 5 and 6 will have their fair upstairs in their classroom.  It will start at 10:00 and will end at 11: 30
  • French Banquet and show:  11:50 – 1:00 PM This year students in Grades 5-8 will cook a French meal at home and will bring it to school in their lunch Box. They will not be sharing with any other students. This will be an extended lunch with a show. Can Can, songs and other surprises.


Thursday. November 16

Bleu! Blanc! Rouge! All students and staff are encouraged to wear Red, white and blue. (Jeans are allowed)

  • Question du jour.
  • Game: Game: Bataille des Bistros (Battle of the bistros) Grade 8 and the faculty. 1:10 – 2:45


Friday, November 17

Mme. Canning is organizing some performances from the K-4 students .


A La prochaine!

Mme. Canning et Mme. Malouf

Vive Le Français!