La Semaine Française 2016 was special and a real success. For the first time this year, we had the French store instead of the breakfast. That definitely received the thumbs up. Seeing those grade 8 students coming to the store with their costumes was special. We had a photo booth, a tattoo corner and all those tables selling berets, jewelry, cards, the knitted balls and the smelly pencils. What a market! It was a real Carnival and so much fun.


Some of the kids in Grade 5 asked me if we can have another extended lunch like the one we had for the banquet. I thought that it was a little long, they did not. They savored all the yummy French food and watch the Can Can (click here for video), the fables, the ballet and the songs. What a treat! Life could not be better at BFCCPS!


The Grade 5 and 6 Fair was amazing and the crowd cheered and kept on coming back for more. I did not realize that the students had all those cool rewards for students who answered questions and were obviously engaged. To end it, we had La Coupe Du Monde. (The Soccer World Championship).


Please click here for photos from the various French Week Festivities.  Photos from the Soccer Match can be found here.

Thank you for the great weather!

Great  French Week 2016!


Mireille et Laurie