This year  we held our annual French Week  in June, and it was lots of fun!  The week was filled with a variety of wonderful French activities, and we hope you were able to join us. Thank you to everyone
June 1st was “Le Petit Déjeuner” the breakfast. It was a real café ambiance, music, baguette, croissant, confiture (jam) and beurre (butter). It was a a great way to open the door to French Culture. You can read more about it in this post, which features a slideshow from the day’s events.
June 2nd was the banquet. Students in Grades 5-8 shared a 3 course meal in the auditorium while being entertained. It was an extended lunch and it is a real favorite. We had the Can Can Dance, some solo performances, French ballads, poems and songs. You can watch a video of the Can-Can dance performed by students in grade 8 here.
June 3rd – We had the Grade 6 Fair exploring the French Regions in the auditorium. All the classes were invited to come.
In the afternoon, we had the French Awards and we invited the Delegate of Quebec in Boston, Ms. Marie-Claude Francoeur and alumni, Eddie Richardson. We had the best results ever. You can read more about the French Awards and find lots of photos on this post.
The performance of “Mille Colmbes” by the Grade 2 classes with the Grade 8 was outstanding.
June 4th is everyone’s favorite and it was “La Coupe Du Monde”.  All of the classes come out to cheer for their favorite team: Les Bleus / Les Blancs / Les Rouges. This year it was the soccer game. We opened up with the Marseillaise. Perfect weather!
June 5th. The PCO organized for the musician and performer, Bertrand Laurence to come and perform for our students.
Bertrand Lawrence-2
Middle school students visited students in Kindergarten and first grade to teach them about the origins of Ballet. Students enjoyed a short demonstration and even learned a few dance steps.
French Week-2-3
In the afternoon students in grade 8 dressed up in costumes representing famous French people. They visited the younger grades and talked about what they have achieved and how they demonstrated some of our school virtues.
In all, it was a fun filled week with the “Question of the Day”, music over the PA system every day and fun prizes. The school was decorated with posters and projects that students have done in Grades 6, 7 and 8.
The week would not have been successful without the support of our HOS, staff and parents. We have an amazing community.
French WEek-2
A la prochaine!
Laurie Canning and Mireille Malouf