This year’s la Semaine Française was another success. There were many special moments that will be cherished for a long time. In addtion to the many events, each morning, the announcements started with a French piece of music and then the question of the day. Un grand merci from Mme. Canning and Mme. Malouf. A la prochaine!

Tuesday: French week opened up with le petit déjeuner including croissant, baguette, confiture, beurre and chocolat. Délicieux! Students entertained with songs including, “A Hot cup of Cocoa”, led by Mrs. Monty. There were also performances at lunch time.

Wednesday: The PCO sponsored an excellent performance by Josée Vachon. Students loved the presentation and joined in the singing. Fifth and sixth grade put on a language fair, representing various regions of France along with displays of fashion, food, monuments and other symbols. As a cap to the day, alumni from many schools came to read French stories to our younger students.

Thursday: The entire school celebrated with “La Bataille des Bistros” by cheering on their favorite team; Les Bleus, Les Blancs or Les Rouges. (Check out the photos of this event below!)

Friday: Parents came to help and put on a fabulous French feast for our fifth to eighth grades. The Kevin O’Malley Auditorium was decorated with red, white and blue with musical performances throughout the day. As a cap to French Week, eighth grade students dressed up as famous French people and visited the students in kindergarten through fifth grades.