After the fourth grade had to cancel their walking field trip for lunch at Acapulco’s, a popular Mexican restaurant in the center of Franklin, due to the blizzard a couple of weeks ago, students’ were determined to get there on Wednesday afternoon, despite high winds and substantial rain. The winds and rain actually ended up just adding to the fun of the event, as umbrellas were shared, puddles skirted (or tromped through) and some umbrellas did that turning-inside-out thing in the gusts.

Once at Acapulco’s, students, teachers and chaperones enjoyed enchiladas, burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, along with salsa and chips and a really cool dessert of fried tortillas with cinnamon sugar, whipped cream, and chocolate. Acapulco’s was very welcoming to the large group, and the children behaved in a manner that would have made Benjamin Franklin proud!

The lunch field trip was the culmination of the study of Mexican culture and geography in Social Studies. Students studied Canada and the regions of the United States, so they will soon be planning their luncheons in Quebec City, Des Moines, Iowa, and San Francisco, California (just kidding!). Special thanks to Mrs. Basile for the great photos!