On Friday, February 15th, the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School crowned eighth grader Surabhi I. the 2013 Spelling Bee champion. Having been crowned champ just two-years, which included an invitation to the regional and National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., Surabhi secured a chance to once again compete in the regionals.  In case you were wondering, her winning word was “advantageous“.

The fourth annual competition was a two-part process, which began yesterday with over 40-students competing for a shot at today’s final.  In front of a solid crowd of peers, staff and family members, 14-finalists began the Spelling Bee finals, which took an hour to complete. Shraddha I., younger sister of Surabhi, finished in second place with fifth grader Samuel H. finishing in third place.

The finalists exhibited tremendous poise and intelligence during the two-day competition!