Character Education is a pillar of the BFCCPS experience and this month we’ve been sharing stories from our parent community to inspire hope and optimism.  Each month BFCCPS focuses on a specific virtue; and in the month of January we start the year off with a strong focus on Fortitude.  Many thanks to the Brown Family for sharing their story today.  


“The right thing is not always the easy thing’. This has become a mantra for our family over the past year. This is just one of many lessons that our family has learned thanks to the pandemic. Both working as educators, we have seen firsthand how big of an impact this pandemic has had on families. We have also seen students and families showing the greatest amounts of resilience, courage, and fortitude. Whether it be making the difficult decision of which mode of learning to enroll their child in, wearing a mask all day, or having virtual Friday night hangouts with friends, we have seen students and families show the utmost fortitude in their everyday lives.


Christopher, our 5th grader in Mrs. Botelho’s class says “I miss school. I wish I was in person, but I really support and admire all of the teachers support online. They make online learning actually fun! I have the nicest 5th grade teacher ever, she cheers me up every day when I miss being around people. Plus Mrs. Radford, Mrs. Lisker, and Ms. Sprusansky are always so nice and helpful. I feel fortitude when I FaceTime my friends, and when I laugh during my school day. I am so thankful to be part of BFCCPS. I miss school…. but it’s alright.”


Daniel, our 1st grader in Mrs. DiSalvo’s class says “I miss school but I have friends and such a good teacher! I love school!”


Our family has faced the challenges of working from home with two kids learning from home. We have had trying moments when seeking to balance work and our children’s education seemed nearly impossible (parents as the primary educator has taken on a whole new level of meaning, ha)! Our family has had difficult days, but we have also had beautiful ones. We choose to focus on becoming resilient, and growing through our challenges. Whether it be Christopher gaining a new sense of autonomy by managing his daily schedule/ meetings, or Daniel’s aunt being able to join his leaf award ceremony virtually from Nashville… we have found plenty of good amidst all the not-so-good.


I am in awe of how well the BFCCPS community has continuously overcome every challenge. Our family has never been more proud to be part of the this community. Lastly, we would be remiss to leave unacknowledged the unwavering dedication of the BFCCPS administration and staff. THANK YOU, a million times over, for all that you do. The educators at BFCCPS are truly second to none. They show up every day, ready to educate their students by whatever means necessary. They have continued to foster warm, safe environments in a time that is so uncertain for so many. THANK YOU.


We’ve got this, BFCCPS!” – The Brown Family


If your family would like to participate in this project, please email Mrs Basile in the office.  PS here’s a link to the great poster shown above!