Just recently, four new apps were added to our kindergarten and first grade Apple iPad’s. During center time today, in small groups of six, students worked with Speed Games, I Like Animals, Little Writer and BitsBoard. All were instant hits allowing students to engage in interactive ways with our curriculum. A few of the students even mentioned the word, “awesome” while using these new apps!  New technology support staff, Mrs. Kathy Rivenburg assisted classroom teachers during center time.

The app, I Like Animals, has a read aloud option giving students the ability to touch difficult words and to listen to the correct pronunciation. Students worked on their reading skills as each word is individually highlighted in red at the exact moment the audio is played back.

In addition to our Mathzor software, the Speed Games app works very well for basic math fact practice, continuing to improve overall recall.

Little Writer allowed students to learn upper and lower case letters, working on fine motor skills and coordination.

The most exciting app was BitsBoard. BitsBoard worked tremendously well, allowing the teacher to customize the experience based on the level of skill. Counting coins, sight word selection, telling time and problem solving were introduced.