We visited the site today and we are very excited to share the latest round of photos.  You will be thrilled to see how nicely the interior of the building is coming along. Windows are in place and drywall is being installed. Today we reviewed and approved the paint colors that will be used throughout the building. Painting will commence in the classrooms within the next week or so! 

The BFCCPS Learning Commons will be our multipurpose space.  The material for the large floor to ceiling glass wall is now on site and installation will commence very soon.  You may recall from the building plans that this space also includes a large staircase that functions as stadium seating.

The crew at the site has also started installing the siding; the blue areas you see in this photo will be cedar.  

This view is the front of the building, the areas where you see plastic sheeting will soon be floor to ceiling glass. Again, the material is on site and installation will begin soon. The areas you see in green will be cedar.  We look forward to showcasing these beautiful features of the school as soon as installation is complete.


Sample classroom furniture has been delivered to BFCCPS so that students and teachers can evaluate and provide feedback as we prepare our furniture order. We look forward to sharing new updates from the site after February Break!