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What went on in room three this week?
(April 8 - 12)

Vacation is here!  When we return, the remainder of this second grade school year is going to FLY by.  Please refer to the bottom of my letter each week where I will display important dates to remember, as we have lots of events and a few field trips coming up in May and June.

In reading the boys and girls read several biographies about everyday heroes.  The students wrote their own pieces about someone they admire and/or that has inspired him/her.  In addition, we learned about possessive pronouns.

We started working with the Engage NY math program.  The boys and girls are doing a nice job using “mental math” (calculating problems in their heads) adding and subtracting 10 and 100 to triple-digit numbers.  We will continue to work with this program for a few weeks after vacation. Mr. Allis joined us for math centers this week.  He played “I Have…Who Has…? Greater Than/Less Than” with small groups.

We finished up our social studies unit about immigration and started a new science unit about land forms.  The boys and girls completed a cool experiment in small groups to determine what makes rivers flow in a certain direction and where rain water goes.  This is a fun unit we will continue with throughout May.

I hope you all have an amazing week next week and are able to spend some time with one another.


Sue Weidman

Important Dates to Remember
May 8: Senior Center (walking over to play BINGO)
May 24: Stadium Theater (science show)
May 31: Field Day
June 5: Museum of Science
June 18: Last day of school (half day)

Spelling Test
(Test on 4/26)

Student Websites:

Spelling City  (Unit 5 Week 4)

Parent Websites:
Mystery Reader
Math Centers

Helpful Parent Websites:
Be A Learning Hero (Common Core Curriculum Link):

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