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What went on in room three this week?
(Jan. 14 - 18)

It is Friday and a long weekend!  We talked about Martin Luther King, Jr. this week and recalled some of our background knowledge, building upon the information we learned in kindergarten and first grade.

On Friday, I segregated our classroom.  Students wearing the color green were treated extra special (i.e.: received a warm welcome, were allowed to color special coloring sheets, their morning work assignment was shortened) and children not wearing green weren’t treated as kindly.  The “Greens” liked this at first; however, they started to see the injustice and got together and protested peacefully with some of the “Non-Greens” and expressed their concerns about the unequal treatment.  It is a neat activity I like to do with the boys and girls each year to demonstrate discrimination.  I hope your child will share with you his or her thoughts about this experience.  I was very impressed with the conversations we had around this subject throughout the rest of the day.  This is a bright and compassionate group.

In reading we looked at expository pieces about the weather.  The boys and girls chose a weather event and wrote about how it affects our lives.  We also worked on writing a strong conclusion for this piece.  In grammar we discussed the verbs “have,” “had,” and ‘has.”

Mrs. Wrona joined us one morning for math centers and played “How Many Under the Cup?” with three different small groups.  We also completed unit three in our math program.  Your child brought home his/her end-of-the-unit test on Friday.  Everyone did extremely well learning and retaining the information we worked on in this unit (measuring, identifying centimeters vs. inches, completing and reading line plots, and estimating lengths.)

Mrs. Theodorou was our mystery reader and she shared two great books:  The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray and Bear’s Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson.  The boys and girls enjoyed both.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  Let’s go Patriots!


Sue Weidman

Assembly Date: Second Grade's next assembly will be on Friday, February 1, at 10:20 in our auditorium.  We hope to see you there!

Spelling Test
(Friday, Jan. 25)

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