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 April 3rd


After a tired start after Easter celebrations we are back in the swing this week.  We had 5th grade buddies today and the kids made Statue of Liberty crowns and torches.

This week this children will be doing a lot of writing; I have upped Writer's Workshop to 2 days a week so they can have as many stories as possible to choose from for author day.  They are doing a great job!

We completed the Wonders Unit 6 assessment and the children did pretty well.  Wed we will complete Unit 4 math Expressions assessment.  The children have become terrific at adding up to ten!  Many can use more practice with subtraction and we will continue this over the next couple of months.



      Wonders this week:

            Link to online Wonders activities:

Sight words learned : I, can, the, we, see, a, like,to, and, go, you, are, my, he, with, do, is little, she, was, for, have- please practice!!!

Unit 7 week 1

Essential question:  How are some animals alike and how are they different?

Big Book Story:  informational text Zooborns!

Category words:  Animal Parts

Vocabulary words:  behavior, appearance, exercise, wander, plenty

Skill and Strategy:  reread

Grammar:  verbs

Expressions  Math:

Unit 4 assessment

Science:  How animals and people change our environment

Social Studies: Continent:  Asia  We will discuss important American Symbols

American flag, bald eagle, white house, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell

Writer's Workshop:   We are stepping up the next few weeks and writing on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I would like to meet with each child and choose his/her story for publishing for author day the week before April break. 

Important Dates:

April 16-20th April Vacation Week

May 5th Arts Assembly Author Matt Tavares

May 18th MEET the AUTHORS DAY!!!!! 2:00

May 29th Field Trip to Stony Brook Nature Preserve-more info to come

June 1st Field Day

June 15th New last day of kindergarten




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