August 2018

Dear BFCCPS Community:

I hope that this letter finds you enjoying your summer vacation.  The summer has been busy at BFCCPS, both at 201 Main Street, and 500 Financial Park Drive!  We have been working hard to prepare for the 2018/2019 academic year, and are getting ready for all of the exciting things that will happen in our 24th, and last year in this building!  

In order to prepare for our transition to the new facility, and the expansion over the next six years, the Board of Trustees voted to add an Executive Director role at BFCCPS.  I accepted the position in June, and as of July 1, 2018, became the first Executive Director of BFCCPS. I am very excited about the changes that this will bring, and the extra administrative support it will allow for.  My first action as Executive Director, was to offer Joe Perna the position of Head of School. Mr. Perna began his fifteenth year at BFCCPS in July as the next Head of School at BFCCPS. An email went out in June which announced these changes, as well as the hiring of Dr. Jeff Levering as our new Assistant Head of School, and the promotion of Kelsey Kolic from Curriculum Coordinator to Director of Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction.  Together with Marthali Nicodemus, the Director of Student Services, and Christopher Heater, the Director of Fine and Performing Arts, the six of us comprise the Administrative Team at BFCCPS. Any of us on the team are willing to speak to any parent, student, faculty and staff member that has something they would like to discuss. We are all willing to help in anyway we can, and are here to ensure the success of BFCCPS. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have regarding the new structure, positions, roles, or responsibilities of the administrative team.

The construction at 500 Financial Park Drive is moving along so quickly!  It is so much fun to watch how much the site changes on a daily basis! Steel delivery began in late June, and has been going up around the site.  They are simultaneously working erecting the steel structures, while also sifting the dirt on site to be placed on the recess fields, grading for the parking lot, and the placement of utilities.  Please enjoy these pictures of the latest happenings at the construction site. At this time, we are on track for meeting our construction deadline of June, 2019! This truly is an exciting time for BFCCPS.  

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation.  I am very excited to see all of you at the PCO Family Celebration on Thursday, August 23rd, and then for our first day of school on Tuesday, August 28th.  



Heather Zolnowski

Executive Director