Current Topic: Transportation Technology

In-Class Project: Building a Balloon-Powered Racecar from Recycled Materials

As a class, we watched two videos about “cars of the future” – one from 1991 (when I was in sixth grade!) and the other from 2008.  For the 1991 video, we as a class discussed what predictions came true (and to what degree) and which didn’t.  Collectively, we determined that most of the predictions from the 1991 video centered around the technology found within cars – increased reliance on computers; more automation; more horsepower.  Next, we watched a video from 2008 that discussed what cars of the students’ future would focus on – alternative fuels; lighter, stronger materials; greater fuel economy.  Finally, the class made their own predictions about what cars of their future will be like, and the results can be found below.

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