If you plan on transitioning out of BFCCPS, please review the tabs below as they are designed to provide you with as much information as possible.  Please note:  although the enrollment process for schools can be similar across districts, there will also be school specific requirements that must be completed.

8th Graders:
Whether you plan on attending a public, independent, or private high school, the transition from eighth grade to ninth grade is an important time for students. This page is designed to provide useful resources and information to assist eighth graders in planning for their high school careers.

The first thing you should do as a new eighth grader is attend the Annual BFCCPS High School Fair! This event allows our eighth grade students to meet school representatives from several private and independent high schools. Each institution sets up a table and the school representatives are available for questions. Applications, brochures and other information are also available.

If there are questions associated with any aspect of the transition process, please contact me at jmccoy@bfccps.org.

Important Information:

High School Fair Attendees

Entrance Exam Review Sessions

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

Additional High School Resources

Public High School Enrollment Information