Community Service is one of our four pillars. We believe that serving others is a cornerstone of building authentic self-esteem in students. Each grade level participates in various service projects that benefit members of our school, local and global communities. Identifying the needs in these communities and finding ways to meet them is central to the learning process that accompanies all of our community service projects.

The following pillar document outlines the defining principles and background for the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School’s approach to community service.


At BFCCPS, starting with kindergarten, our students are introduced to the concept of community
service. It is connected to the curriculum and matures through various local, regional and global
programs each year. These initiatives will build good character, self-esteem, respect for others and will
nurture confident and caring citizens – all while bringing families and communities together. Beginning
in the seventh grade, they will plan and execute their own service-learning, Capstone Project.

Defining​ ​Principles:

  1. We are part of many communities: family, neighborhood, region, global, etc. BFCCPS students
    learn at a young age that they have the power to be a force for good. They learn the importance and
    rewards of serving others and making our collective world a better place. This develops self-esteem
    that will stay with them throughout their lifetime.
  2. Hands-on efforts are encouraged as they create a tangible connection between students, the
    community and the BFCCPS character education program. Group discussion and/or written reflections
    are a part of each project. Fund-raising efforts may also be a component of some programs.
  3. Each year, every student participates in at least one school, local and global community service
    initiative. One of these initiatives is school-wide and year-long and culminates in their own Capstone
    project prior to graduating the 8th grade. Students are encouraged to network with others outside of
    BFCCPS as they develop their Capstone.
  4. Community service activities incorporate learning objectives across the curriculum whenever
    possible. Cumulative K thru 8 benchmarks in community service learning will be attained as student’s
    progress through the grades.
  5. The BFCCPS community (parents, teachers, faculty, alumni, etc.) is encouraged to engage in their
    own community service activities as a means to lead by example. This will foster a tighter connection
    between parents and faculty.

Pillar in Action: Community Service

Students in grades K-8 participate in various community service projects over their time.  Below, please find the names of organizations that our students have worked with for their Capstone projects, or through other community service activities that would provide opportunities for families to do community service together.  We encourage you to consider if any of these organizations might be a good fit for your family to provide service hours.  

Elisha Project:   The Elisha Project  is a non-profit organization that welcomes people to serve lunch to the hungry in Rhode Island.  It consists of people coming together and in a three-hour span making and taking meals to the streets.  The Elisha Project difference is that everything we do is face to face…person to person…human being to human being…on both sides of the bag.
Meals on Wheels:  Tri-Valley Inc
Meals on Wheels are provided short-term or long-term to homebound elders age 60 and older who are unable to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal for themselves. 
Our three step model provides kids with the essentials they  need, free of charge. This enables us to engage communities that have,  connecting them with communities that need.
  • New and nearly new children’s items are collected through grassroots community drives and corporate donations.
  • Donations are then processed and packaged by volunteers in our warehouse, The Giving Factory.
  • Packages from The Giving Factory are distributed to local disadvantaged children through our collaborative network of diverse service partner
Boston Children’s Hospital:   The hospital runs a Patient Family Housing Program which provides affordable accommodations for up to 35 families while their children receive the medical care they need from Boston Children’s. The program  offers housing at two locations: the Devon Nicole House and the Yawkey Family Inn.
Our volunteers are instrumental in helping us achieve our goal of providing a warm and supportive home-like environment for our guests. We depend on our volunteers to assist with the daily operations of the Yawkey Family Inn and the Devon Nicole House, as well as to host meals & events for our guests. We house 35 families and encourage our meal, holiday and food drive volunteers to donate with our total number of families in mind.
Community Harvest Project: Community Harvest Project is a non-profit farm that engages volunteers to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to provide to those experiencing hunger. Through our volunteer farming programs, education initiatives, and community partnerships, we bring thousands of community members together each year to improve access to healthy foods for individuals and families in need across Worcester County.