Community Service is one of our four pillars. We believe that serving others is a cornerstone of building authentic self-esteem in students. Each grade level participates in various service projects that benefit members of our school, local and global communities. Identifying the needs in these communities and finding ways to meet them is central to the learning process that accompanies all of our community service projects.

The following pillar document outlines the defining principles and background for the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School’s approach to community service.

1. This pillar reinforces that we are part of many communities: family, neighborhood, town, state, nation and world. At BFCCPS students learn their role in these communities and that even as youngsters they have the power to be an agent of good.

2. Students learn to understand the importance and rewards of serving others and making our world a better place. This understanding develops authentic self esteem that will benefit students throughout their lifetimes.

3. Each year, every student in every grade participates in school, local and global community service initiatives. The global initiative is school-wide, K-8, and yearlong.

4. Community service learning culminates in individual student capstone projects prior to graduation.

5. We strongly encourage “hands-on” efforts that accentuate tangible connection to the community and to our character education program, although fund raising efforts may be a component of some projects.

6. The virtues of good character are reinforced, practiced, and reflected upon as students plan and engage in community service activities. Group discussion and/or written reflections are a part of each project.

7. Community service activities incorporate learning objectives across the curriculum whenever possible. Cumulative K-8 benchmarks in community service learning will be attained as students progress through the grades.

8. Students are exposed to a broad variety of community service activities throughout their years at BFCCPS.

9. Members of the BFCCPS community (students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, etc.) engage in community service activities at school and outside of school.

Community Service Background

At BFCCPS, we foster awareness of our school, local, and global communities through various community service initiatives. By building good character and self-esteem in students, involving families and making connections to the curriculum, these initiatives will help develop responsible, respectful, confident and caring citizens.

Examples of Community Service in Action at BFCCPS →