The mission of the Student Services Office is to minimize the impact of disabilities and other challenges and to maximize the learning opportunities for all students in the curriculum.

Student Services includes Special Education, English Learner education, 504 Accommodation Plans, Civil rights, Community partnerships, Nursing services and education of Homeless Children.

Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School utilizes an inclusion model for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), providing a continuum of services that assures optimal access to the curriculum and to all elements of school community. We provide English Learner services both in the classroom as well as in smaller groups outside of the classroom, depending on students’ needs. Teachers implement 504 accommodation plans in the classroom, with support from service providers such as the school counselor.

If your student will be entering BFCCPS as a new student, please contact the Student Services Office for information about IEPs, 504 accommodation plans, and our English Learner program:

Mandy Irwin
Director of Student Services
(508) 541-3434 ext. 299



Home Language Survey:

Home Language Screening will take place for all kindergartens students during the annual Kindergarten Screening Process.  A Home Language Survey will be completed for all transfer students in Grades 1-8  to determine if they should be screened for English Learner (EL) Services.

Approximately 5.4% of enrolled students at BFCCPS receive EL services. 

English Learners:

Depending on the results of the Home Language Survey and Screening Process students may receive EL services.  These services are provided both in the classroom and for those students who need more support in small groups.  
Students who are former English Learners are monitored for four years after they exit the EL program to ensure they continue to make academic progress. 

All English Learners take the statewide ACCESS Testing to determine their English Proficiency once a year. Their level of service for the following school year is determined by their annual ACCESS test scores. 

Parents of EL students receive an annual notification of the services their students will be receiving that year.  EL Progress reports are also published concurrent with each of the BFCCPS Report Cards. 
(Three times annually.) 

All teachers at BFCCPS have received their Sheltered English Instruction Endorsement (SEI) which qualifies them to provide additional support for EL students in the general education classroom. 

Special Education Parent Survey:

Please click on the link below to take our parent survey for Special Education.  In order to fulfill DESE requirements and to evaluate our needs, it is necessary that we send this to you for you to fill out.
If your child has recently had an evaluation with a finding of no special needs, please indicate your thoughts on the evaluation process in the “Comments” section.
Please take a moment to fill out the survey at your earliest convenience.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your help,

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