iPad TechnologyAt Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School, we have a library media center that all students and our community have access to. The library houses many books and resources to check out on a regular basis. Our library and media center also houses 26-laptops that students use during this class.

Technology/library is offered to each student weekly and has a dual focus of both library skills and technology curriculum that is coordinated with topics from the curriculum each grade level is focused on. Library class consists of storytelling and related activities designed to enhance the reading.  Storytelling opens minds to discovery through discussion and fosters reading and language development as well as connecting students to the art world through powerful illustrations. Students have access to books that captivate their imagination, show them the joy that reading can bring, and illustrations to inspire their creativity. The more they like to read, the more they will read. Library and research skills are also directly taught.

Our goal is to inspire students through technology to become lifelong learners. Students learn about computers and other technologies through a combination of direct instruction and computer-based projects. These projects enrich a standards-based curriculum with real-world relevance, motivating each student to explore, investigate, and understand the world they live in.

Starting in the third grade, students have access to Google Apps for Education and a grade-level mobile Google Chromebook cart. Additionally, all students have access to multiple carts and a variety of technology through their classroom.

If you have questions, please contact Director of Technology Art Duque at aduque@bfccps.org.

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