Physical Education class is held for each grade level, twice a week. During the fall and spring, physical education class is held outdoors on the field behind the school. During the winter, class is held in the indoor auditorium space. Our Physical Education Program is based upon the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School is committed to improving students physical skills, fitness and self-esteem through our program. Our goal is to provide a safe and cooperative learning environment where the students can feel comfortable with their ability to improve their individual fitness and skill levels.

Physical education class is the ideal environment for the children to put into action all they have learned in the classroom about character and community service. We spend a great deal of time discussing virtuous behavior and what it looks like in physical education class. The four virtues are constantly being discussed in terms of sportsmanship, patience, fair play, kindness, following rules and directions and encouragement of teammates.

In our sixth through eighth grade, students will participate in a health and wellness program, once a week for 8-10 weeks in a classroom setting. These health and wellness classes are designed to be informational classes.

Our physical education curriculum also holds a yearly Fitness for Life field trip for students in grades six through eight. The goal of the Fitness for Life trips is to expose students to opportunities outside the school where their can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some recent destinations for these trips have included the Franklin Ice Skating Rink, Franklin YMCA and Ficco’s Bowling

Students must follow guidelines for gym attire, as outlined in Our School Dress Code.