Character Recognition

Demonstration of the four virtues are celebrated in Character Assemblies throughout the year. Students in kindergarten through fifth grades are recognized by receiving a “Leaf” in the Forest of Virtue. Teachers present these leaves to students in their class that have exhibited behavior that aligns with one of our four virtues.


Our students in Grades Six through Eight also receive ongoing character recognition. Students will be recognized using our Character Postcards. These postcards highlight observations from the teaching team and are read aloud with the class.  Postcards are mailed home to share these observations with parents.
Students who go above and beyond to display one of the BFCCPS virtues can also be recognized through a Character in Action Award at one of three assemblies throughout the year.



Any student who has been recognized for displaying all four of the BFCCPS Virtues will receive a Benjamin Franklin Medal of Virtue.  These awards will be presented during the Character Assembly for Students in Grades 6-8 which take place at the end of each trimester.  Parents will be notified in advance if their child is receiving either a Character in Action Award or the Benjamin Franklin Medal of Virtue so that they can make arrangements to join us for this special recognition.

“Today I attended the Leaf Ceremony at BFCCPS. My younger daughter was nominated for a leaf in the Forest of Virtue and received a leaf for demonstrating Justice.
What a beautiful and meaningful tradition. Students are being supported and recognized for modeling character traits in line with the school’s guiding principles: Justice, Temperance, Fortitude and Prudence.
As a new family to BFCCPS that was the first time I attended this ceremony. I was touched by how much love and effort teachers and staff put into elevating their students and modeling and supporting the development of positive character traits in those young children.
We are beyond proud and grateful that our daughter is being seen and recognized for the wonderful human being that she is.
More so, we see the wonderful effects in our daughter. She truly feels that she is a part of a community which sees and embraces who she is, recognizes her strengths and sees who she can become.
She made friends very quickly and was voted into student council. Since joining BFCCPS she is happier and believes in herself and her abilities. The sky is the limit!”

“The first student that I would like to recognize this afternoon is one of the hardest working students that I have ever had the pleasure of working with, Ronan. Ronan, I am nominating you for the Character Award for Fortitude. Ronan is a fiercely hard-worker and always willing to go the extra mile, whether he is working on his own or in small groups. A perfect example of Ronan’s willingness to go the extra mile happened almost a month ago, when he missed a day of school. When he returned to the school the following day, he stayed after class with me to review the material that he missed, even though it was during his recess time. Beyond your grit and determination to tackle any challenge you face in class with enthusiasm, your thoughtfulness and kindness in class truly stand out as an exceptional example. You are constantly doing kind gestures throughout the day, such as saying “Thank you” after every class or helping your classmates clean up spilled materials without even being asked. I know your classmates and teachers will agree that you are especially deserving of this Character Recognition Award. Congratulations Ronan, and keep up the great work!”


“Justice means treating others with respect and taking responsibility for their well-being. The person I am recognizing today has done just this consistently over the course of the year so far. I have seen her pick up something a friend has dropped, deliver materials to another person’s locker, and help in solving multiple conflicts between her friends. In my opinion, this is what justice looks like in action. To be aware of what other people need and to do that is justice. Keep up the good work, Chelsea!”

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