Character Assemblies

Demonstration of the four virtues are celebrated in Character Assemblies throughout the year. Students in kindergarten through fifth grades are recognized by receiving a “Leaf” in the Forest of Virtue. Teachers present these leaves to students in their class that have exhibited behavior that aligns with one of our four virtues.


Our students in Grades Six through Eight also receive ongoing character recognition. Students will be recognized using our Character Postcards. These postcards highlight observations from the teaching team and are read aloud with the class.  Postcards are mailed home to share these observations with parents. Students who go above and beyond to display one of the BFCCPS virtues can also be recognized through a Character in Action Award at one of three assemblies throughout the year.

Any student who has been recognized for displaying all four of the BFCCPS Virtues will receive a Benjamin Franklin Medal of Virtue.  These awards will be presented during the Character Assembly for Students in Grades 6-8 which take place at the end of each trimester.  Parents will be notified in advance if their child is receiving either a Character in Action Award or the Benjamin Franklin Medal of Virtue so that they can make arrangements to join us for this special recognition.

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