In the spring of 2010, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed, Act Relative to Bullying In Schools (ARBIS). This law made bullying a legal issue and mandated school action on any reported incidence of bullying.

The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School has been proactive on this issue throughout our history.

Our Mission Statement makes clear the belief that it is our job to support the development of every student’s character, which includes providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to prevent and effectively deal with bullying. Every student deserves a safe environment to learn.

Our unique mission has prepared us well to address the demands of this law. Character education is something that defines us and something we believe we do exceptionally well. Our approach to combating bullying is informed by our long history of doing what works.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan: The Massachusetts law defining bullying includes requirements on how schools address and report bullying. As part of this law, each school district was asked to develop plans and procedures regarding instances of bullying and to communicate them to the school community. Please click here to view our Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan (Updated August, 2021).

Is this Bullying?: Even if the situation may not be categorized as bullying, it is still important to alert the school of your concerns. If you feel like the situation could be bullying, please report it to your child’s classroom teacher, any other faculty member or a school administrator.  Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Pubic School follows a specific protocol for all reports of bullying to ensure a fast and appropriate response. For assistance determining a bullying situation, please refer to our guide, Is this Bullying? (.pdf) for more information. 

How to Report Bullying: Reports can be made anonymously in writing or verbally. Please use the Bullying Incident Reporting Form (.pdf) to report the required information.