“Character Education is about helping students
know the good, love the good, and do the good.”


For social, moral, civic, and personal reasons, parents and teachers have a responsibility to help students
develop good habits. That’s really what a virtue is: a good habit. A virtue is not a point of view or a matter of
what we like or dislike; a virtue is a positive character trait.

The founders of BFCCPS chose to focus on four core virtues, historically known as the “cardinal virtues”:
Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence. Within each of these virtues, there are related

Defining​ ​Principles:

  1. BFCCPS students, faculty and staff strive to always demonstrate good character and model that
    character for others, and are publicly recognized at grade level assemblies for demonstrating virtuous
  2. Character Education instruction is integrated across the curriculum and across the four pillars utilizing
    various teaching methods, and a common language throughout grades K-8
  3. Grade level character education benchmarks are used to create a spiraling curriculum for grades K-8
  4. A school wide calendar details which virtue the entire BFCCPS community will focus on each month.
  5. BFCCPS regularly reviews and updates its resources to achieve the objectives of its Character
    Education program.