google takeout 1We hope your time spent at Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School was rewarding and understand all the hard work that went into creating projects, documents, spreadsheets and presentations within your Google Drive.

The BFCCPS Technology Department would like to share a way to export all of this data to your home computer! Google offers a tool called Google Takeout, which allows you to quickly and easily download data that you created in a number of Google products, most notably Google Drive. It provides the data in a variety of open, portable formats so that you can easily import the data into other internet services and use on your computer at home. Most, if not all, files will be saved in a format easily opened by Microsoft Office.

The process of downloading files should only take a few moments to complete.

Downloading Your Data with Google Takeout:

1.) Login to your school issued Google Apps for Education account at

2.) Go to to access the tools.

3.) Choose the services to download and select the “Archive” button. You will be taken to another screen to download the files to your desktop.

Google Takeout Instruction Video:

Here is a quick video showing steps needed to download your data (make the video full screen).

Importing Your Data After Google Takeout:

» Import Blogger Posts into Blogger

The import and export features on Blogger give your content a whole new range of portability and freedom, allowing you to save a copy of your blog on your hard drive, or import your blogs into other existing blogs.» Google Support – Importing to Blogger →

» Importing Contacts into Gmail

You can import vCard files from applications like Outlook, Mac Address Book and other Google mail accounts.» Google Support – Importing Contact (vCard, .csv) Files →

» Importing Data into Google Calendar

To import events from iCalendar or CSV files, just follow the directions below. Google Calendar allows exporting and importing calendar data.» Google Support – Importing Calendar (iCal, .csv) Events →

For graduating eighth graders, don’t forget to use Google Takeout before July 15th and if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Duque ( in the Technology Department.