Did you know that the BFCCPS Robotics club has been meeting every Wednesday and Sunday in the Red Brick school? 
Students in Grade 5-7 have been learning to make robots using Lego bricks, motors and sensors, write software to control the robots, and have some good old fun competing and learning from each other.
As teams, they are also preparing for First Lego Lego (FLL) competitions starting in November. This year’s theme is HydroDynamics. In the competition, the teams will demonstrate a robot that can solve 15 missions within 2.5 minutes; and present a solution to judges to improve human consumption of water.
Many thanks to the parent volunteers Mr. Ramesh Balan and Mrs. Upasana Pendkar and their team of Junior Mentors, Prem P, Neeraj R., Shreyas K, and Ritesh T. who are making this opportunity possible for students in Grades 5-7!