Hello students and faculty of BFCCPS. The sixth grade has begun a project involving the school gardens. They have planted lots of different vegetables such as potatoes, beans, squash, lettuce, and radishes in our gardens in back of the school. The produce is cared for and watered around the clock, along with our sunflowers and tomatoes out in the courtyard. Over the summer, sixth grade families will take turns caring for the gardens. The box gardens were built for a capstone project by current eighth graders, Aiden C. and Mitchell F. Since then, they had been sadly neglected, but the sixth grade under the direction of Mrs. Schwab and Mrs. Word have brought it back to life! Lettuce and radishes have already been harvested and donated to the Franklin Food Pantry, where the harvest will continue to be given. You can be a part of the project, too! Just compost at lunch any leftover fruits or vegetables from lunch in the yellow bins located in the lunch rooms. Orange peels, melon rinds, and light-weight paper like straw wrappers are great to compost! Let’s give a special thanks to the 6th grade, Mrs. Schwab, and Mrs. Word for rejuvenating the gardens!

— Bella P.