Dear BFCCPS Families


Thank you for your patience as we are rapidly moving forward to meet the DESE guidance for full in person learning for students starting on April 5th. You may have seen that the provided guidance only requires K-5 students by April 5th, however we felt that for our community it made sense to bring our K-8 students all back at the same time. 


Articles published in the news have caused vast confusion on the topic of remote learning; I wanted to assure families that have elected Remote Learning for the remainder of the school year that it will remain an option for the remainder of this school year. 


At this time, we are responding to requests for a change in learning mode from families who have elected to move into In Person Learning and from families who have opted to join the Remote Academy.  We will be sending confirmation emails to families who have requested a transfer indicating their new teacher assignment along with next steps.


Please note that we can not accept any additional change requests until after April 5th.  Moving forward, in accordance with DESE guidelines, these changes can take as long as six weeks to accommodate. 


BFCCPS will continue with a 9am to 3pm schedule for all students for the remainder of this school year. Due to logistics surrounding transportation, staff schedules and cohorting of students, we are not able to accommodate an 8:20 am start for students in Grades 6-8 as we have in years past. Similarly, BFCCPS will not be able to offer on-site Morning Care and Afterschool Care for the remainder of this school year.


Throughout the year, Wednesdays were used for our co-Curricular classes.  This shift to five days of in person learning will require these schedules to be completely reimagined. New schedules will be provided to reflect these changes for both students learning in person and students in our Remote Academy.


With an April 5th deadline, we are moving quickly but still have a significant amount of work to be done.  At this time, BFCCPS is taking the following actions to prepare for in person learning for students starting on April 5th:


  • Assigning homeroom teachers for students who are changing learning modes
  • Hiring additional teachers and substitute teachers
  • Moving furniture out of storage 
  • Setting up classrooms to accommodate students at 3-6 feet of distance based on classroom size and enrollment
  • Operations and logistics surrounding lunch and snack given that students may be seated at less than 6 feet apart. 
  • Revising schedules for students and staff


If your child is signed up to participate in person, we ask you to please consider enrolling in our testing programs. Surveys earlier this winter indicated that 80% of respondents would be willing to provide consent for Pooled and Rapid testing initiatives. However, we’ve seen only about 40% participation in this program so far. Our nursing team is working hard to make this a friendly and efficient process. Signup information and registration codes can be found here.


Additionally, if your child is participating in person and you have not already completed the Transportation Form, please take a moment to do so now (even if your child has been riding the bus so far this year.


Our BFCCPS COVID-19 Dashboard was revised this week to incorporate Pooled Testing Data, Staff Vaccination Data. 


As always, you can expect frequent communication from us in the weeks ahead as we race towards April 5th. 


Stay kind Ben Franklin


Heather Zolnowski

BFCCPS Executive Director