Dear BFCCPS Community,

Please click below for a video from Mrs. Heather Zolnowski with details on the next iteration of remote learning at BFCCPS.  You will find more details about learning expectations from April 6 through May 1 in the presentation deck linked below.


Expectativas de aprendizaje 6 de abril – 1 de mayo

Expectativas de Aprendizagem 6 de Abril a 1 de Maio

We will also be recording daily announcements for our students in the days to come; this is a comforting daily routine – there will be riddle of the days, weather, and faculty read aloud. A new recording will be added each day to this folder. We hope you enjoy them!

You will also find a variety of videos where various members of the BFCCPS faculty and staff will read a book to students while we are on this extended break; be sure to visit this folder; in the days ahead as this collection will be growing.

Student Council announcements will be added to this folder.