Dear BFCCPS Community,

We find ourselves in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis without a clear precedent to guide us. Our situation is a little more complicated than with a traditional stand alone district; since our students come from a wide range of communities across three counties and via a transportation system that is shared with other districts.

As I mentioned in my email last night, the Board of Trustees reviewed and approved a Pandemic Plan to help guide our actions with respect to school safety in a situation such as this. The plan is linked here for your review. You will find a thorough accounting of our response to COVID-19 in the document and we encourage all parents and guardians to review it in detail.  We believe that this document will alleviate the concerns parents have addressed in recent days. You will find general pandemic guidance as well as specific guidance designed to respond to COVID-19 including disinfection protocols, cancellation of upcoming trips and gatherings as well as a restriction on visitors to our facility.

Today we convened a meeting of our Crisis Response team, participated in conference calls with state leaders, as well as public and private school district leaders. Our team discussed what remote learning would look like and how we would implement that if required.

UPDATE: By now I am sure you have seen the news that Governor Baker has closed all schools in Massachusetts for the next three weeks with school currently scheduled to resume on April 7th. This is a constantly evolving situation, if there are any changes to that plan, we will continue to keep you informed. Today’s emergency order also bans any gatherings in excess of 25 people (for example health clubs, concerts, sporting events and the like.)

As we communicated last week, beginning Tuesday, March 17th you will begin to receive communication from your child(ren)’s teachers with a variety of learning opportunities to engage with during this closure. 

During our extended closure, and at the direction of both the Governor and the Commissioner of Education, we encourage all members of the BFCCPS Community to embrace the concept of “social distancing” by not gathering in groups, and if you must go out, please stay approximately six feet from other people whenever possible. 

We should all remain cognizant of the need for thorough hand washing hygiene and cough etiquette. 

Even with this extended closure, we expect our last day of school to take place on Friday, June 26th.

As always, we will be in communication with you during this time to support our families to the very best of our ability.  As additional resources and communication pieces are made available, we will link them here for ongoing updates. 


Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.


Mrs. Heather Zolnowski
BFCCPS, Executive Director

A message from your school nurses-

We sincerely ask that families report any respiratory symptoms with fevers, experienced by their students or household members, to our health office. Although we are not able to give medical advice or guidance, a school nurse will be available by email & phone to receive your health reports. A nurse will be accessible by phone daily between the hours of 12:00pm and 2:00pm if outside those hours please leave a message. We appreciate your cooperation and collaboration with this request, as it will best help us track the health status of our BFCCPS community.

Many of our children are feeling the effects of the widespread concerns in our community. Please find a helpful resource that will guide you in communicating with your child by clicking here:  

Very truly yours,

Heather Zolnowski
Executive Director


Item Pickup:

If you have an item left behind at school that you need urgently, or require assistance with access to technology to participate in remote learning please contact Joe Perna directly via email by Monday at 1:00 pm to make an arrangement.

Starting on Tuesday, March 17th. The general expectations for learning activities and communication are outlined in grade bands below.  You will hear from your child’s homeroom teacher on Tuesday with specific plans.  Please click here for general details.  

Social Distancing: 
Please check out this article for computer simulations that illustrate why “Social Distancing” is effective. You’ll see the results of a free for all, moderate and extensive social distancing. We encourage everyone to do their part to flatten the curve.

Our Food Service Coordinator is maintaining a list of area food pantries and restaurants in the area that are providing free meals to children with no questions asked. Please keep in mind that restaurant services are subject to change in compliance with government requirements.

Currently most food pantries are operating outside of regular business hours to accommodate the current situation. We strongly suggest calling ahead to verify operating hours.

Please check this page for more information.

Counseling Corner
The Counseling Service at BFCCPS will be sending out periodic emails to provide whole school support while students are out of school.  BFCCPS 3rd-8th graders will also receive an email from our department soon. Below you will find ways to contact us if you or your child needs individual support.
While the school is closed, the Counseling Services team will be available for support and checking email daily.  We will be sending out weekly emails with helpful hints or activities for your children.  
Mrs. Stratton
School Counselor for Grades K-2: General Education Students and Students with 504 Plans 
Weekly emails to K-2 parents
Mrs. McCoy
School Counselor for Grades 3-8: General Education Students and Students with 504 Plans 
Weekly emails to 6-8 students and parents
Dr. Flieger
School Psychologist for Grades K-8 Students with IEPs
Weekly emails to 3-5 students and parents