BFCCPS is responsible for teaching your child.  But we can’t do our job if your child is absent or consistently tardy!  Every day learning builds upon the previous day’s learning.  If your child misses a day. . . .he or she misses a day of learning that can impact achievement as well as social skills and emotional competence.

ACHIEVEMENT:  Research states that children who are in school most of the time do better on standardized tests.  In addition, starting as early as kindergarten, missing one or two days can slow your child’s progress in reading.  Good attendance helps the teacher keep the whole class on target in the desired skills and makes it easier to provide quality lessons that challenge a child at his/her own achievement level. This affects a child’s perception of school as a desirable place to be, where they can feel comfortable and competent.

SOCIAL SKILLS:  We know that spending approximately six hours a day in close proximity to the same people provides many opportunities to develop friendship and conflict resolution skills.   Your child will learn how to share; handle transitions, disappointment and frustration; take turns physically and in conversation; sit quietly, and listen to and follow directions. Reaping these benefits requires the child to be present so good attendance produces the greatest effect on your child in preparing him to be successful in his future workplace and relationships.

Being late for school also hurts a child’s learning.  A student who is 10 minutes late every day will miss 30 hours of instruction during the year.  While it is possible to copy a friends notes or make up an assignment, you can’t get back what’s important: the discussions, the questions, the explanations by the teacher, and the examples that make learning come alive.  Success in school depends on having a solid educational background – one that can only be gained through consistent school attendance.