As part of the PCO’s Arts Enrichment Assembly series, author Michael Tougias visited with students in Grades five through eight. Tougias is a New York Times best selling author and co-author of 24 book.  He has visited with our students several times, he is a favorite performer and a wonderful match for our curriculum! We invite you to learn more about Mr. Tougias on his website here.

Many students today indicated that they had seen the Disney Motion Picture version of his best seller The Finest Hours!

He presented research behind his new story So Close to Home.

“A hard working blue collar family from Texas was trying to get a break, to build a nest egg for their growing children in the lean post-Depression years when they decided to move to South America for a  job opportunity in 1941. But when war broke out they unknowingly entered the crosshairs of an ugly battle taking place right off America’s shores, sailing into the path of a German U-boat that was on a killing spree through unprotected waters near major port cities. A heartbreaking true story, So Close to Home takes you into both the struggle to get ahead as experienced by the Downs family and the U-boats’ race against the American war machine. Neither won.” 

Following his formal presentation, Mr. Tougias opened the floor for Q&A.  Students had a variety of great questions about his research and writing process.  We learned that even best selling authors need to carefully proofread their work, and can always improve their writing! Parents, you should be incredibly proud of your students today, they were absolutely riveted by his presentation and were an excellent audience!

If your students were inspired by today’s presentation we invite you to purchase his novel using Amazon Smile. This is a simple and automatic way for you to support the BFCCPS PCO every time you shop, at no cost to you.

The PCO Arts Enrichment Committee has an incredible lineup for our students this year!  Students will enjoy the following presentations:   

Positive Life Lessons and Yo-Yo Tricks with Ooch

African and Caribbean Storytelling with Len Cabral

A presentation of Historical Women – Sally Ride with Sheryl Faye

The life and times of William Shakespeare with Shakespeare and Co.

Author/Illustrator Visits with Michael Tougias and Matt Tavares

African music, art and dance with Crocodile River Music

Money Management with Miss Money and the Coins

Valuable programming such as this isn’t cheap and the PCO can’t offer these programs without your ongoing support.  This year’s assemblies come in at a cost of over $7,500.  100% of the funds raised during our 2017 PCO Annual Donation Drive will be used to fund these assemblies and more! 

We encourage all members of the BFCCPS community to give generously to support this unique aspect of the BFCCPS experience. Donations are being accepted in the front office through November 15th.  

Many thanks to the PCO, and especially the Arts Enrichment Committee for continuing to bring this incredible programming to our students!