Dear BFFCPS Community,

Late in 2014 two Requests for Proposals (RFP) were published by BFCCPS as the next major step in our expansion project. The first RFP was for Real Property Acquisition and the second was for an Owner’s Project Manager. To facilitate the reviewing of responses to the RFP’s the Board of Trustees created an RFP Review Committee comprised of four members of the Board of Trustees, two members of the BFCCPS administration, two members of the BFCCPS faculty and Staff, and two parents of current BFCCPS students. The RFP Review Committee, working with the support of Charter School Support Services, has first been reviewing the responses submitted from organizations interested in serving as our Owner’s Project Manager.  After an extensive review, interview and contract negotiation process I am pleased to announce that Daedalus Projects Incorporated has been secured to serve as BFCCPS’s Owner’s Project Manager.

As the Owner’s Project Manager for our expansion, the team at Daedalus will be responsible for supervising the entire project, beginning with the site selection, and continuing throughout the entire build process. In this capacity they will perform a wide range of services including but not limited to things such as: managing the project budget, defining and monitoring the project schedule, securing all necessary permits, providing ongoing community relations related to the build site, and coordinating the move from our current facility to the new facility once completed.

The team at Daedalus comes to this project having successfully overseen the construction of more than $500 million in school construction across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Most recently, Daedalus was the Owner’s Project Manager for the new Franklin High School. As many of you are aware, this project featured an aggressive build schedule, which was completed on time and even under budget. I invite you to view their impressive portfolio of project management experience here:

Securing the Owner’s Project Manager is a significant step forward in BFCCPS’s expansion. The next step in the process is for the RFP Review Committee to begin working with Daedalus on the site selection which will begin immediately. We will continue to move forward as aggressively as possible with this process and will share information as it becomes available. As always, if you have any questions I encourage you to reach out to any member of the BFCCPS Board of Trustees or the Administration. We welcome your thoughts and thank you for your continued support.


Don Tappin

President, Board of Trustees