Research shows that math fact fluency builds through three things: practice, practice, and more practice! Our faculty and staff believe that this is the key to memorizing math facts. As a teaching team, we have been brainstorming ways to encourage students of all grades to practice their math facts!

It is with great excitement that I announce our ALOHA Math Facts Competition. All students in first through eighth grades are encouraged to participate. Mrs. Joyce, our Math Specialist, as well as Ms. Wolfe, our Visual Art teacher, and some dedicated students, have painted a colorful mural of a map of the United States on the wall in the auditorium (see photo below). Each classroom will be given an airplane labeled with their homeroom on it. In order for students to move their airplane, all they have to do is practice their math facts. This competition does not measure mastery of math facts, it is simply the amount of time students spend practicing their math facts.

With the help of Mrs. Joyce and Mr. Luke Callahan, we have identified an online math program that will help us log the amount of time students are practicing their facts. The website, entitled Mathzor, is accessible from the BFCCPS website under Curriculum Links. Each family will be provided with a letter that explains how to log into this website, as well as their children’s login information (user name and password).

Starting Monday, November 19th, students can begin accessing this website at They can log in from any device that can access the internet (Computer, iPad, iPod, Android phone, etc). The program will keep track of how long they are practicing. For every three minutes that a student actively practices (the website will report if a student logged in, but did not answer any questions in that period of time) their classroom airplane will move 1 mile.

The goal: To fly from Boston, Massachusetts to Honolulu, Hawaii. If each student in a homeroom practices their math facts for ten minutes a day, four days a week, they will reach Honolulu in fourteen weeks! The first class to reach Honolulu will earn a Math Facts Luau party for their class. If this program is successful, our next destination will be Alaska!

The program has been explained to the students and staff, and has been received with great enthusiasm! Please be on the look out for the information letter on logging into Mathzor to come home with students on Friday, November 16, 2012. If you have questions, please contact Director of Technology Luke Callahan via e-mail at