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New Email Addresses for All Students

In order to utilize a single sign on with Clever, all student emails and passwords are changing. Previously issued emails ending in @students.bfccps.org have been closed.


All new and returning students will be issued a new email address using the following format. These new accounts will be operational on Thursday, September 10th.
All email addresses and passwords will follow the same structure:
Username: first.last@bfccps.org (first name . lastname @bfccps.org)
example. john.smith@bfccps.org
Passwords will be constructed of the students LASID followed by their first initial . last initial
example: 12345j.s
Password: (LASIDfirst initial.Last initial)
How to Find Your Child’s LASID: All parents have been issued their student’s LASID earlier this summer in an email from Mrs. Gibeault titled “ATTENTION REQUIRED: Instructional Model Confirmation and Technology Assessment Survey.” LASID’s are also available on your child’s SchoolBrains Parent Portal. It is important to treat both your child’s LASID and your child’s Clever Badge as secure information as they are unique pieces of their login process.

If you are using a home computer, one easy way to avoid the complications created by using multiple Google accounts on the same computer is to create a computer login specifically and only for school use, and to limit the student to only school accounts when logged in as that users. “Limits” may include using programs and settings to prevent other kinds of use (if available), or it may just mean explaining to the student what to do/not do, and why it’s important. 

Clever Tech Help





If you are logging in with a ChromeBook you can simply scan the Clever Badge at the login screen.  If you are logging in from a laptop or computer navigate to the Clever login page for BFCCPS.