BFCCPS has created a new COVID Dashboard to provide ongoing information. This will track active and total cases, testing participation, vaccination status within the community, information about quarantine status, and regional health data. Under the guidance of the local health agency we will work to identify possible close contacts and will reach out to those identified by phone and email. BFCCPS aims to be as transparent as possible, but due to HIPAA regulations we are limited with respect to what information we can share in order to prioritize the privacy of the individuals who have tested positive. BFCCPS will update the COVID-19 dashboard each time there is a change in the number of active positive cases; the positivity rate will also be updated within one school day of state provided data. Now that the COVID Dashboard has been published, all school alerts will not be sent each time there is a new positive case.  

Our School Nurse Leader Mrs. Barrows has been working with our state assigned testing provider CIC to launch our testing program. After a delay outside of our control, we are happy to announce that our COVID testing programs have begun. Students participating in weekly COVID Safety Checks, previously called pooled testing, are expected to have their first testing session this week. In light of our first COVID case, we were happy to be able to offer the “Test and Stay” protocol to affected community members.  Enrollment is ongoing and the consent link can be found HERE. If you’d like to learn more about testing programs at BFCCPS you can read more on the COVID Addendum to the Student and Family Handbook which is posted here.