Each week, we will update the BFCCPS COVID Dashboard with the most recent key health data as determined in our 2020 Re-Opening Plan.  

Please note:

  • As of 10/22/2020 the MA DPH will be posting their data on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays, therefore, our dashboard will be updated accordingly.   
  • On 11/5 the MA DPH moved reporting to Friday 11/6.  Moving forward, the BFCCPS dashboard will be posted within 24 hours of the state provided data.

BFCCPS is monitoring Public Health Data (Positivity Rates across our region) to determine when to move into a subsequent phase. We have created a weighted average based (BFCCPS Regional Health Data) on the number/percentage of students living in any town where 3% or more of our students reside. This weighted average consists of data from Franklin, Bellingham, Milford, Wrentham, Medway, Blackstone and Plainville. (This makes up 91% of our student population.) The DESE has asked us to use three weeks of data to evaluate movement between phases: 

  • A positivity rate below 3%, move to the next phase
  • A positivity rate between 3%-4.9% that is sustained for 3 weeks, we will consider maintain current phase
  • A positivity rate of 5% or higher, sustained for longer than 3 weeks, we will consider moving to a full remote learning environment

In the event of any adjustments please note that  remaining hybrid phases may be rescheduled as necessary.

It is important to note that while these key health data points are the mechanisms that BFCCPS will use to monitor our phased in learning approach at any time, the local health department, DESE or the Governor of Massachusetts may determine to move our school to remote learning. As a reminder, all parents, faculty and staff need to be prepared to move into remote learning with very little to no advanced notice.

We have created the following  outline of the communication that you could expect in the event that we are notified of a positive case of COVID.  Please note that we will only be tracking cases for our in person staff members or students at BFCCPS



We are making every effort to reduce the likelihood of COVID transmission within our building by asking all members of the community to stay home when sick and perform a home health assessment before coming to school each day.  Additionally, we are ensuring good hand hygiene throughout the day, requiring masks for all participants of in-person education, and creating physical distance between students and faculty while on campus. Our facilities team has made improvements to our HVAC system and increased our daily cleaning protocols. Our school building is closed each Wednesday for deep cleaning between cohorts.

As always, we invite you to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, and we thank you for your ongoing support. 


Mrs Heather Zolnowski
BFCCPS, Executive Director