The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School policies have been defined by the Board of Trustees and outline the governance procedures for the school. These documents are also available at our school library.

If you need these documents or any other information from the school translated, please contact the school office at (508) 541-3434 ext. 100 with questions.

BFCCPS Policy & Procedures:

0000 Pillars – Defining Principles
0001 Board Rules
0002 Nomination and Election of the School Board
0003 School Operations (Repealed)
0004 Administration of School Rules (Repealed)
0005 School Programs (Repealed)
0006 Hiring and Employment (Repealed)
0007 Health Administration
0008 Library Materials
0009 Dress Code
0010 Advertising (Repealed)
0011 Auditing (Repealed)
0012 Bill Payment (Repealed)
0013 Fundraising Monies and Grant Administration
0014 Grant Administration (Repealed)
0015 Logo
0016 Copyright (Repealed)
0017 Head of School Performance Review
0018 Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco
0019 Enrollment Policy
0020 Code of Conduct (Repealed)
0021 Compensation
0022 Budget Amendments
0023 Grievance Procedure for Non-BFCCPS Employees
0024 Board Committee Formation
0025 Fiscal Policy and Procedures Guide
0026 Professional Code of Conduct for Employees
0027 Expectations for Parents, Guardians, and Volunteers
0028 Employee Grievance Policy
0029 Safety
0030 Media Contact
0031 Public Disclosure of Student Information
0032 Bullying Prevention and Intervention
0033 Travel Reimbursement
0034 Student Attendance
0035 Concussion
0040 Policy 40 Regional Transportation



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