The Finance Committee is empowered to make recommendations and report to the Board regarding all financial matters. The Finance Committee is responsible for the development, oversight and review of the budget, changes and additions to the budget, overall school financial performance, and management of school investments.


  • Maintain the financial stability of the school.
  • Produce a balanced and reasonable budget by the May Board meeting of each year.
  • Monitor the revenue and expenditures of the school on a monthly basis to insure compliance to the approved budget.
  • Make timely recommendations to the Board to address any unplanned financial needs or unexpected financial events.
  • Work to implement goals and initiatives set by the Board of Trustees and the Head of School.
  • Monitor the school’s investments and maintain a balance between risk and return.
  • Ensure that the school has a successful annual audit
  • Qualifications for Committee Membership:

Expertise in finance, accounting, auditing, budget development, and/or management is highly desirable, but not mandatory. Parents, school staff and qualified candidates not affiliated with the school are eligible to join the committee.

Expectations of Committee Members:

All Finance Committee members are expected to regularly attend monthly meetings, read/review materials before meetings, and actively participate during committee discussions. Members are expected to share their expertise freely for the benefit of the school. Additional meetings may be called, as needed, and committee members may elect to join various subcommittees that may be formed. Committee members may volunteer or be asked to do committee tasks outside of committee meetings.

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