As established in Article Two of the Bylaws, Board Committees assist both the Board of Trustees and the Head of School and include parents and teachers in their membership. Many of the important decisions that will be ultimately decided upon by the Board of Trustees are brought to the committees first.

At this time, the Board of Trustees has established five committees with their respective purpose statements shown below. Also, you will find information on approved minutes. To view meeting minutes for prior school years, please visit our archive page.


The Finance Committee is empowered to make recommendations and report to the Board regarding all financial matters. The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight and review of the budget, changes and additions to the budget, overall school financial performance and management of school investments.

All finance meetings, unless otherwise noted, will be held on Thursdays, at 8:00AM, at the Red Brick School. Meetings are usually held during the week prior to the Board of Trustees’ monthly meeting.

To view meeting minutes for prior school years, please visit our archive page.

2017-2018 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

September 17
October 5
Nov 2
December 7
February 11
March 11
April 05


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The Facilities Committee, chaired by Crossan Barnes, is responsible for any real estate matters that affect the school.These issues include lease negotiations with the Archdiocese and the Parish, current issues at our existing leased school building and the options of either buying and renovating an existing building or the construction of a new school building on our Washington Street land.

Facilities Committee information will be posted on an as needed basis.

The Governance Committee reviews the Board of Trustees’ Bylaws as approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). The Committee also reviews the school’s policies, rules, and procedures. The Committee, when necessary, drafts new policies and procedures and recommends amendments to existing policies and procedures for the Board’s consideration.

Meeting Minutes 2017-18

To view meeting minutes for prior school years, please visit our archive page.
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The HR Committee Meeting Minutes 2017-2018

December 6, 2017

The Mission Committee, chaired by Edward Basile, supports the policy and educational objectives of the Board of Trustees with regard to Mission and Curriculum. It accomplishes these tasks through: information gathering, crafting documentation of the Mission program, deliberating to investigate new proposals, strategic planning to identify and recommend implementation objectives, and collaborating with faculty and staff to provide educational materials that support and promote the mission within our community.

As a board level committee its purview does not include the day-to-day operations of the school. Staff and parents operating under the direction of the Head of School carry out implementation of the Mission. However, the HOS may at his/her discretion request assistance from the committee for particular issues as they arise.

The Mission Committee provides an optimal forum for investigating the varied perspectives of board members, faculty/staff and parents on Mission and Curriculum issues. The committee supports the Board of Trustees’ need to reflect in their Mission and Curriculum policy decisions, understanding of the views of all stakeholders.

To view meeting minutes for prior school years, please visit our archive page.

Mission Committee Minutes:

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