The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School will be an inclusive, vibrant learning community where integrity, knowledge and resourcefulness define our students and empower them to serve the greater community with confidence.

bfccps_signInclusive: We embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and abilities of all students, staff and families at our school.

Vibrant learning community: We harness the collective enthusiasm and creative energy of our community by working collaboratively to achieve school goals.

Integrity: We develop the discernment necessary to do what is right in any situation through character education.

Knowledge: We create a classical instructional program with high academic standards that builds a foundation of essential learning and skills in every student.

Resourcefulness: We challenge students to use their knowledge and imagination to create innovative solutions to problems they encounter.

Serve the greater community: We broaden students’ awareness of their power to positively impact our global society.

Confidence: We cultivate in students an appreciation of their unique qualities and the ability to utilize them for the common good.

For more information, please read our Vision Announcement Letter (.pdf).