Our mission is to assist parents in their role as primary educators of their children by providing students with a classical academic education coupled with sound character development and community service. Our mission is supported by four distinct, yet interconnected pillars that provide for a collaborative, rigorous education for all students. These pillars guide, direct and define the school in all it does.

Parents as Primary Educator

The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School exists “to assist parents in their role as primary educator.” A child is first taught by his or her parents and continues to be profoundly influenced by them throughout life.

Parents choose their children’s schools carefully and follow their studies closely. They welcome the responsibility to share in the education of their children in many phases, including remediation and challenge, where appropriate, and to provide guidance and support during the school experience. The school and home work together in the task of passing on the riches of a classical education. We rely on parents, as the primary educators of their children. We expect parents to work to support the classroom teaching of their children by making curriculum connections at home, modeling virtue, and extending community service activities.

For more information, please visit our Parents as Primary Educators page.

Character Education

The mission of Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School supports the belief that to successfully educate a child, you must educate the whole child. Our rigorous academic program is coupled with the idea that who you are is as important as what you do.  Character Education is about helping students know the good, love the good, and do the good.

For more information, please visit our Character Education page.

Community Service

Students at every grade level participate in Community Service, as a means to demonstrate to them their potential as agents of good in the world about them and highlight the importance of that effort. Parents are encouraged to engage the family in the community service outside of school hours.

For more information, please visit our Community Service page.

Classical Education

The elements of a  classical education, according to our original charter, include “a body of knowledge of proved, lasting significance, assumed in public discourse and known by a broad majority of literate people.” Students are grounded in the fundamental subjects of literature, history, mathematics, science, language, music and the arts in order to understand culture and enable active participation in it.

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Our Vision

The Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School will be an inclusive, vibrant learning community where integrity, knowledge and resourcefulness define our students and empower them to serve the greater community with confidence.


Inclusive: We embrace and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and abilities of all students, staff and families at our school.

Vibrant learning community: We harness the collective enthusiasm and creative energy of our community by working collaboratively to achieve school goals.

Integrity: We develop the discernment necessary to do what is right in any situation through character education.

Knowledge: We create a classical instructional program with high academic standards that builds a foundation of essential learning and skills in every student.

Resourcefulness: We challenge students to use their knowledge and imagination to create innovative solutions to problems they encounter.

Serve the greater community: We broaden students’ awareness of their power to positively impact our global society.

Confidence: We cultivate in students an appreciation of their unique qualities and the ability to utilize them for the common good.

For more information, please read our Vision Announcement Letter (.pdf).