Dear BFCCPS Community,

We are stunned and deeply saddened by yesterday’s attack on the Washington Capitol and the attempt to thwart the certification of the Electoral College votes. Our goal in times of crisis is to offer support to you as the primary educators of your children to help them understand and process what is too often a confusing and scary world.

BFCCPS was founded with a strong focus on character education with the goal of “helping students know the good, love the good, and do the good.”  It is quite possible that our focus on good character is more important than ever for our students. Wherever our individual politics may lie, we hope yesterday’s events and our upcoming day of remembrance of Martin Luther King will afford us the opportunity to reflect on our shared values of Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance and Justice.

Please recognize that graphic images from these events can be disturbing for children of any age. We’ve learned from previous events that repeated exposure to media surrounding a traumatic event of this nature can be difficult and confusing for kids. To the extent possible, it is recommended to limit their exposure to media. Older children may have more access to media and we encourage you to check in to see if they have questions and how they are feeling. These are teachable moments and warrant real, honest conversations with your children. 

This morning we shared a resource with teachers to help support students today and in the days ahead. Please see this resource from the National Association of School Psychologists with recommendations based on your child’s age. You can also find an article from the Denver Post with strategies for families. 

Even though we are in remote operations at this time, we are here to provide assistance. As always, if your child needs additional social & emotional support, we encourage you to reach out to your classroom teacher who can connect you to a member of our Counseling Team. 

Be kind Ben Franklin,


Heather Zolnowski

BFCCPS Executive Director