We are now entering our second week of full remote learning and wanted to provide an update to the community in advance of this week’s Board of Trustees meeting


As per the email sent on December 30th, our weighted positivity data, coupled with school based health data, hospitalization data, teacher and student attendance data, faculty and staff input, enrollment data in remote learning vs. in-person instruction and the operational/educational impact these data points have on BFCCPS, suggests that the most prudent decision at this time is to pause our in-person education and revert to full remote learning. 


Our reopening plan was created through a transparent, collaborative process that included over 40 BFCCPS community members, representing parents, faculty and staff, members of the Board of Trustees, and members of the Administrative team. With guidance constantly changing from DESE, CDC, WHO, and what we are learning about this virus, it is necessary for it to be an active, living document, that is assessed for its successes and challenges and amended as necessary.  There have been parents as well as faculty and staff who have raised concerns regarding the metrics used to bring our school back from remote instruction to in person instruction.  As we have throughout the course of this pandemic, we are absolutely open to collecting feedback and input into amending the plan around the return to in person instruction, but this needs to be done in a collaborative, transparent process where the voices of all stakeholders are heard and considered.  


Along with the Board of Trustees, we will be reviewing the metrics and data we can use to return to in-person instruction.  We are organizing a team representative of our community members including faculty, staff, administration, parents and Board of Trustees members to look at the current metrics, collect input and feedback from our community, and make recommendations to the Board for metrics and data to be considered to return to in-person instruction.  If you are interested in participating in this team, please complete this form. It may not be possible for everyone who is interested to participate in the team, but everyone will have an opportunity to share their input, feedback and perspective.  


We will continue to monitor the health data points and operational impacts these have on BFCCPS, and will update the BFCCPS Dashboard each week within 24 hours of the data being provided by the Commonwealth. You can follow ongoing updates to the health metrics posted to the BFCCPS COVID Dashboard.


A return to in-person instruction is a topic that I know is of deep interest to the faculty, staff, parents, and board members of BFCCPS.  This topic will be discussed at our next BOT meeting, Thursday, January 14th at 7:00. This meeting is virtual over Zoom, and open to the public. (You can find the Mass Open Meeting Law Guide Here.) If you would like to attend the meeting, please reach out to Board President Eric Scansen at escansen@bfccps.org, and he will provide the required login information.


Please reach out to either of us if you have any questions or concerns.




Eric Scansen President, BFCCPS Board of Trustees

Heather Zolnowski BFCCPS Executive Director