Dear BFCCPS Community,

This year BFCCPS celebrates our 20th birthday and today we’re taking a big step towards securing the future of BFCCPS for decades to come! For those new to our community or who may not recall it was just over seven months ago that we learned the state approved a request to amend the BFCCPS charter allowing us to become a regional charter school and to increase our student body over a period of time. In that seven months much has taken place and the Board of Trustees has been exceptionally busy. Today we take the next major step in our facility search by publishing, as required by Massachusetts General Laws, a Request for Proposals (RFP) – Real Property Acquisition in the Secretary of State’s Central Register. In the weeks to come you will also see advertisements in the local papers letting the communities we serve know that the RFP is available and inviting all interested parties to submit proposals. This public process serves many purposes but two of the most important are to first make sure the process is completely transparent and second to cast as broad a net as possible to make sure we leave no stone unturned in the search for a new facility. This RFP provides us with a vehicle we can use to tell everyone exactly what we are looking for and outlines the criteria we will be using during the evaluation process. The Board of Trustees is very excited to see the number and types of responses we receive.

To assist the Board of Trustees with the creation and distribution of the RFP we retained the services of Charter School Support Services (CSSS) out of Framingham, MA. Their subject matter expertise has been instrumental throughout this process and they will be working with the school as this process evolves. For anyone who is interested in viewing the RFP you can download a copy directly from the CSSS website by visiting the following page, . Because this is a very regimented process mandated by the Massachusetts General Laws any and all questions about the RFP must be directed to the contact at CSSS identified in the document.

The RFP outlines the period of time where those interested in responding may ask questions about the contents of the RFP and there is also a deadline for responses to be submitted. The deadline for responses to our RFP is December 1, 2014 at 5pm EST after which the review and evaluation process can begin. To facilitate the evaluation process the Board of Trustees will be forming a RFP Review Committee which will be comprised of sitting Trustees, members of the BFCCPS Administration, Staff and Faculty as well as members of our community at large. If you are interested in serving on such a committee I urge you to contact me to discuss your participation. Presuming we receive viable responses to the RFP it is our expectation that the due diligence process will conclude and the RFP Review Committee will make its recommendation to the Board of Trustees early in 2015 Once a new site or structure has been chosen a number of other details will fall into place such as when construction/renovation can begin. The Board of Trustees has an aggressive but, we have been assured, very achievable timeline for the move away from our current facilities. We are estimating that within the next 60-90 days we will have a site selected and the process of converting the chosen site or structure for academic use will begin shortly thereafter.

Although there is much work being done concerning the search for a new home for BFCCPS what remains most important to the Board of Trustees and the Administration is the preservation of the BFCCPS culture and our reputation for academic excellence. Regardless of what else is taking place concerning growth or expansion, preservation of who and what we are will always be at the forefront. One thing is for certain, BFCCPS will not look the same in ten years as it does now and  there will be tremendous opportunities for us all to improve upon an already fine tradition. If you have any questions I encourage you to reach out to any member of the BFCCPS Board of Trustees or the Administration. We welcome your thoughts and thank you for your continued support



Don Tappin
President, Board of Trustees