Over the last few weeks BFCCPS held classroom spelling bees for students in Grade Four through Eight.  On the morning of Monday, January 27th, a total of 14 students participated in our annual BFCCPS Spelling Bee Finals.

During this year’s competition students confidently spelled words such as therapeutic, misdemeanor, tetragonal, macrophage, proximo, nefarious, hokum and factotum.  As always, BFCCPS students competing in this year’s bee displayed temperance and fortitude throughout the morning.

To the excitement of students in the audience, our final two spellers went back and forth for a number of rounds; shown below are Sai K from Grade Seven and Adarsh P from Grade Five.

In total, the competition lasted for 25 rounds, the final championship word in this year’s competition was “claimant.”

This year’s Spelling Bee Champion is Adarsh P from Mr. Joyce’s 5th Grade Class! Adarsh is eligible to participate in the 35th Annual Daily Item Regional Spelling Bee which will take place on March 24th.  Congratulations Adarsh!