Congratulations to the 43 members of the Grade Eight class at the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School that presented their Capstone Presentations on January 24th and 25th.

Beginning in seventh grade, students develop, plan and initiate a self-designed, service-learning project. During their eighth grade year, students complete their project and present their work to a faculty panel and wider school community at the capstone assembly. Students receive guidance through this process as part of our advising program, however complete the project outside of school and requires parental help and support every step of the way.

“Capstone best exemplifies the mission of our school, the pillars of our school. The Capstone project isn’t possible without all four of those pillars working together.

Without all your experience with community service, you would not know how a student can make a difference in their world. Without a rigorous classical education you would not have the skills to meet people, write letters, to interact with people and actually conduct this hard and interesting service project.

Without character education you wouldn’t have the empathy and understanding to identify the needs, or the social skills to do some of the work that you’ve done.

Lastly, our fourth pillar, parents are a big part of this too. They instilled the values and the trust in you that we’ve tried to continue as a school. Their support of this project, and those other three pillars has brought you here today.

What you have achieved here as individuals has ripples for our school, positive repercussions for the lives of those you’ve worked with that will carry on and be your legacy for a very long time.” – Joe Perna, BFCCPS Head of School

Student projects included work with local veteran’s organizations, food pantries, homeless shelters, and animal shelters.  Students also raised awareness for issues such as plastic pollution, access to clean drinking water, children’s literacy and food allergies and much more.

One student student worked with the Norfolk County Bee Keeper’s association and became a beekeeper; he will maintain a hive on behalf of BFCCPS in an effort to promote the importance of protecting honeybees!

With the support of their advisors, fellow classmates and of course their parents these students presented a four to five minute speech to an audience of over 200 guests!  We are so incredibly proud of you all.

On Thursday we were joined by Mr. Tim Nicolette, Executive Director of the Mass Charter School Organization State Representative Jeffrey Roy  and Mr. Jamie Hellen Franklin Town Administrator.

On Friday we were treated to a visit by BFCCPS Alumna Amanda Mullaney. Amanda graduated 8th grade at BFCCPS in 2007; she recently passed the Bar Exam and is now employed as an Assistant District Attorney for the Norfolk County District Attorneys Office.

It was so inspiring to hear Amanda speak about the love and satisfaction we all can can get from helping other people and serving our community. What a lovely role model for our Grade Eight students.


Learn more about the BFCCPS Capstone Project on our website here:

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