This week, the Massachusetts Department of Education released the results from the Spring 2015 PARCC Testing. Last night, I had the pleasure of presenting our results to our Board of Trustees.  I am pleased to report that BFCCPS outpaced the state averages at every single grade level. This data validates our rigorous educational program, and our continued commitment to the education of the whole child.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of our teachers and students for their hard work and persistence through the PARCC testing process and I do so hope that you’ll do the same.  After all, our PARCC test experience is a perfect example of our school’s commitment to character.  As you may recall, implementation of the test presented technological obstacles, which our faculty and staff solved in creative ways. Students were able to focus on the test despite ongoing road work just outside the building. Even our youngest of students who did not participate in the test taking were cooperative with the PARCC testing by being quiet and respectful of the older students during testing times.

Our Third grade students in particular are to be commended, this was the first standardized testing that these students had ever completed, and they had only started to work with their Chromebooks two months before.

We have been told to expect the individual student PARCC results from the state in late November. These will be mailed to your home address in early December.  In the interim, I have attached a few Powerpoint Slides that highlight the BFCCPS achievements on the PARCC exam.

If you have any concerns regarding the BFCCPS PARCC test performance, please contact me to set up a time to discuss.  Once individual student data is available, if you have any concerns regarding your student’s performance please contact their current homeroom teacher to set up a meeting.  

Heather Zolnowski
Head of School  

PARCC Results

Facts & Figures

Across all grade levels tested, students at BFCCPS averaged an 81 percent proficiency rate on PARCC English language arts (ELA) exams and 73 percent in math, compared to average statewide proficiency rates of 46 percent and 45 percent, respectively. You can read more in an article published here.

When reviewing the attached presentation, MCAS Accountability Levels of “Proficient and Advanced” map to the PARCC Levels Four and Five which are “Meet and Exceeds Expectations”.

As you review the slides, in levels one, two and three, it is important for the BFCCPS percentages to be lower than the state average, in levels four and five we aim to have a higher number than the state average.  You’ll find detailed information on pages seven and eight of the presentation.

Students in Grade 8 completed either the Grade 8 Test or the Algebra 1 Test.  BFCCPS was the only school in our region to complete the Algebra 1 test and 93% of the students who did so ranked either in the Met Expectations or Exceeded Expectations category.

What Happens Next?

2015-2016 Testing

Commissioner Mitchell Chester is recommending the creation of a next generation MCAS test, a hybrid of MCAS and PARCC Assessments, to be first administered in 2017.

For this academic year, all schools who took PARCC last year will be required to take PARCC again this year.  Schools who administered MCAS last year will be given the option to take either MCAS or PARCC this year.

The state’s board of education will vote on whether to approve Chester’s recommendation on Nov. 17.  You can read more about his recommendation here.At this time, we expect that BFCCPS will take the PARCC test again this spring. We will communicate further details subsequent to the November 17th meeting of the State Board of Education.