Photo of the Week: Fourth Grade Students Practice
Singing Musical Poems, Before Recording Next Week
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Our mission is to assist parents in their role as primary educators by providing students with a classical, academic education coupled with sound character development and community service. More on the BFCCPS Mission →

What's New

Sixth Graders Create Balloon Race-cars

As the culminating assignment for a unit on transportation technologies, sixth graders in Mr. Artur Duque’s science class worked in...

Heifer Fundraising is Under Way!

The whole school community service project is under way! For the past several years, Heifer International has been our whole...

Students Compete During Europe Review

In Mrs. Ward’s sixth grade social studies class, using review materials created my Mrs. Moreau on SuperTeacherTools, students reviewed information...

First Grade Academic Assembly

First graders were excited to celebrate National Poetry Month by reciting published poems and writing and sharing their very own...

Fifth Graders Control Branches of Government

In Mrs. Bartsch’s fifth grade classes, students have been learning about how our government works and to better understand the...

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